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Welcome to BettaFishUSA store. I have been hobbyists in the Betta fish industry for about 25 years. In that time I've learned that my passion is finding people the right fish for their tanks.   When i started out, the only Bettas available were wild Bettas or solid color betta . In contrast, Bettas come in all shapes and color combinations today. We only import the highest quality Betta fish directly from my trusted farm from Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. My goal is to provide people looking to buy high quality Betta fish with a superior option. Your happiness is our #1 priority, because your happiness is what makes this hobby truly worthwhile. Why choose me? I always have the highest quality Betta to select from. Anyone can contact me to check the quality of My Betta farm. I support everyone, from newcomers to seasoned competitors by breeding and selling show quality Bettas. I hope that by breeding show quality Bettas that I can bring a smile to your face, from BettaFishUSA Show grade Betta fish Best wishes and kind regards to everyone. !Smile( ^^)

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